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Upgrading from CE3 to CE4

If you own the CE3 version of a plugin, then you are eligible to upgrade to the CE4 version of that same plugin according to these conditions:

  • If you've purchased the CE3 version very recently, then the CE4 upgrade is free.
  • If you've purchased not so recently, then you may upgrade to the CE4 version at a discount.

To claim your upgrade, you will need your CE3 order number and email address. Look up your order on this page to access your downloads.

  • If eligible for a free upgrade, then the CE4 version will be attached to your existing order, available for immediate download. Use this same order number to access plugin updates, etc. in the future.
  • If eligible for a discounted upgrade, you will find a new TXT file attached to your CE3 order. This file will contain instructions on how to claim your discount when checking out the CE4 version from our shop.

Are saved CE3 templates compatible with the new CE4 plugins?


Upgrading My Existing CE3 Website to CE4

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