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Using CE4 Publisher to Manage Your CE4 Pages Home Page

CE4 Publisher can be used to manage the CE4 Pages gallery page; the gallery would typically be used as your Home page, such as with Campagna Pictures.

To do this is quite simple, and you are not limited to using the gallery types inherent to CE4 Pages. You may use ANY gallery template.

In addition to what's below, we've also written about this on our blog.

Step 1: Prerequisites

To do this, you should have already installed TTG BE and CE4 Publisher. But you could probably have assumed as much.

Step 2: Prepare CE4 Pages

In CE4 Pages, under the Appearance > the Gallery control group, locate the option “Allow Page Replacement by CE4 Publisher” and enable it:

Export and upload CE4 Pages when you are ready.

Without a publisher-managed gallery having been published, your Home page (or whatever page has the gallery) will display as configured in CE4 Pages. So it's a good idea, for example, to have a good set of representative work already on the page as a fallback.

To replace that gallery, publish a new album using CE4 Publisher. The album should be published to the CE4 Pages /galleries folder.

Assign the album a slug of “pages-gallery”:

You may assign any gallery template to be used, created by CE4 Gallery, CE4 Stage, etc.

You should probably hide the gallery from the auto index, so that it will not also appear in your gallery index. In the Edit Album window, click the Features tab. Enable the checkbox “Hide from Auto Index”.

Publish the album, and you should find that your CE4 Pages gallery page has been replaced by the new publisher-managed gallery.

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