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What's New in CE4 Client Response Gallery

CE4 Client Response Gallery has been completely overhauled compared to previous versions, and is now comprised of two separate components, the Lightroom plugin and an online module for TTG BE. Also, some of the gallery's functionality is now database-driven.

Presentationally, CE4 Client Response Gallery shares DNA from CE4 Gallery, so includes the same CE4 improvements to gallery layout and lightboxes, and most of the same options for visual customization. And, of course, the gallery is fully compatible with CE4 Publisher. In fact, using the client response gallery together with CE4 Publisher unlocks even more new features.

This version fully abandons the Form-to-Email script from, which previous versions relied upon. Instead, the gallery now uses proprietary mail functions, offering built-in spam prevention and greater reliability for delivering messages. This has given us greater control over the processing of messages, as well as the formatting of those messages. Big improvements here include:

  • built-in anti-spam measures
  • improved reliability for email delivery
  • client feedback is backed up and viewable online from within the TTG BE admin interface
  • messages include feedback in comma-separated lists, useful for image filtering in Lightroom's Library module; feedback is also itemized and presented in a human-readable format for easy reading.

Thanks to the gallery's new databasing, we've also been able to implement several highly requested features.

In past versions of the gallery, all images had to appear on a single page and very large galleries would bog down significantly. New in CE4, galleries may be paginated! Spanning multiple pages allows each page to load more quickly, and keeps performance high even browsing on mobile devices.

Gallery filtering has also been improved to support pagination. When enabling the filter to view only selected images, the gallery will pull together selected images from all pages in the gallery, allowing the client to review selects side-by-side, even if they previously appeared on different pages in the gallery.

Client selects and feedback are saved in real-time to the database. This allows clients to quit the gallery and resume at a later time, and prevents the accidental loss of work.

Overall gallery performance and stability have also been significantly improved, as we are now able to store information in the database, rather than having it reside in browser memory. This eliminates significant overhead from the gallery.

Used together with CE4 Publisher, CE4 Client Response Gallery also has Client Management features. You may create client accounts, then assign image galleries to those accounts. When a client is logged in, they will be presented a list of their galleries; these galleries will be protected from unauthorized access, and you may choose to hide galleries from appearing in gallery indexes using CE4 Publisher.

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