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CE4 Gallery builds upon the successes of its predecessor, then ups the ante with sexier image presentations, robust social features, slick new site navigation, and greater feature parity between the desktop and mobile layouts. It also benefits from all that's new in the CE4 framework.

Improved Standard Layout

The standard thumbnail grid features many responsive design enhancements, providing a more desktop-like experience on tablets and mobile phones.

Metadata plates remain visible on portrait-orientation iPads.

The number of feature icons appearing on the grid as been reducing, significantly decluttering the grid and putting greater emphasis on your images. Many icon-based features – including permalinks, maps, social networking, etc. – have been moved into the large image view.

By popular demand, cell numbers have been implemented in a way more similar to what was in the 2014 HTML Gallery.

The design interface as been streamlined overall, and should be far easier to use.

Better Lightboxes

Photoswipe is gone.

Galleries are now powered by your choice of Highslide JS, Magnific Popup or Touch'n'Swipe.

The Highslide presentation has been completely redesigned, and it's sexy like its never been before.

Magnific Popup is a little bit plain, but should retain high browser/device compatibility now and into the future. It's great on mobile devices, and is optimized for gallery performance.

Touch'n'Swipe incurs more overhead than Magnific Popup, but supports swipe-and-drag navigation on touch-screens, and pinch-to-zoom while viewing images.

In all lightbox modes, you can access single-image permalink pages, or share individual images to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, or via email.

Better Social Networking

Share individual images to supported Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn! Big, pretty previews on Facebook! Big, pretty photo cards on Twitter! Sharing images has never been so easy, and the results look better than ever.

Sharing is supported from the large-image view, in both desktop and mobile browsers, without compromise!

Better Publisher Features

We've also introduced a slew of new features when using CE4 Publisher to manage your galleries. Breadcrumbs, image search, and more! Check out What's New in CE4 Publisher for more info.

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