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What's New in CE4 Pages

CE4 Pages offers much over its predecessor. It benefits tremendously from all of what's new in CE4, but the most notable improvement may be the plugin's speed. CE4 Pages is much, much faster and easier to use than the CE3 version.

Improvements made to page layout also really shine here. The content area of each page now supports two-column layouts, comprising a main content column and an optional sidebar. Page images can be inserted into either column, allowing for more flexible page layouts than ever before.

As before, CE4 Pages includes support for a single image gallery, a single auto index, and a contact form. In previous versions, the gallery was bound to the Home page, the auto index to the Galleries page, and the contact form to the Contact page. No more! These are now “wandering features”, meaning you may assign them to any page you like (or even all to the same page).

Additionally, the gallery may be replaced by any publisher-enabled template created by CE4 Gallery or CE4 Stage. So if your gallery is assigned to the Home page, then you may use CE4 Publisher to manage the Home page gallery!

The full-screen “flip” gallery has also been revisited. Users now have more options and greater control over the appearance of the gallery, layout and behavior has been adjusted and improved, and the gallery is now mobile-friendly.


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