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 +====== What's New in CE4 Theme for WordPress ======
 +CE4 Theme for WordPress was great before, and it's even better now. It benefits tremendously from [[what_s_new_in_ce4|all of what's new in CE4]]. It's also been streamlined and empowered compared to the CE3 version.
 +===== Custom Image Improvements =====
 +Upload custom images for the favicon, apple touch icon, and masthead graphics. Compared to CE3, do more with fewer images! That's less work for you having to prepare image renditions.
 +===== Better In-post Gallery Support =====
 +In-post galleries now support the use of Highslide JS, Magnific Popup or Galleria, including a hybridization in which thumbnail galleries will run Highslide JS on desktop, and Magnific on mobile.
 +We've also optimized the loading of scripts, and made it all smarter, reducing overhead loading and improving overall site performance.
 +===== Subtle Design Improvements =====
 +I've gone back over posts and pages to make subtle design improvements all over. The bullet points would seem relatively minor, but the sum of these changes is a more modern, streamlined and attractive appearance for your content.
 +===== Google Authorship Enhancements =====
 +I've spent time working through Google'​s Authorship recommendations,​ ensuring theme compliance. These should yield better SEO and search results for your articles.
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