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We’ve come around on another April 30th, and so I do what I do every year: I get a little older, I thank you all profusely, and I promise to keep at it. Today is the seventh anniversary of The Turning Gate’s first Lightroom-related plugin release, the event that set us upon the path to ... Read more

In the court of the Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton, a.k.a. the Lightroom Queen, has interviewed me for her ongoing “What’s Your Workflow … ?” series of articles, in which she talks to well-known Lightroom users about what they do, and how they do it. I’m honored to have been invited to participate. You can read the interview at the Lightroom Queen’s blog. ... Read more

Publisher + Out of the Office, Nov. 13 – 17

So there’s a Googled photo from Cambodia, which is where I’ll be heading tomorrow afternoon. I am very much hoping to return with worthy photos of my own. But it’s supposed to rain literally every day I’m there, so that will either be awesome or horrible. I expect to have wifi in the hotel. If ... Read more

Out of the Office, 10.18 – 10.21

I’m venturing out of Seoul for a few days to take in the autumn colors and hopefully to take some nice photographs. And probably to eat strange, traditional Korean foods that I normally wouldn’t want anywhere near my face. But them’s the breaks; dining options are significantly reduced outside of Seoul. I will try to ... Read more

Blog updates

I have today updated The Turning Gate to a new build of my Chado WordPress theme, still a work-in-progress, and spent some time debugging and then intentionally crashed the website several times to do even more debugging. My apologies to anyone who may have experienced some wonkiness today while visiting. Things should be back to ... Read more

Out of the Office, Aug. 12-19

I will be in Hong Kong from Sunday, August 12 until Sunday, August 19. I will be checking in to answer messages during the week as I’m able — hopefully daily — but expect Internet connectivity to be irregular during my trip. Should you require assistance or have questions, I strongly encourage you to post ... Read more

Comments are fixed

At some point in the last week — not sure when, exactly — I broke comments on the new WordPress theme. This may have been before or after the launch of the design here at The Turning Gate. And this is why we kick the tires … Anyway, my apologies. Comments are fixed now. So, ... Read more

Out of Office, June 29 – July 2

We will be out-of-the-“office” over the weekend. Ben has recently become a homeowner (congrats, Ben!) and will be offline while moving his family into their new home. Meanwhile, I will be spending the weekend misbehaving in Hong Kong. We both expect to return early next week. In the meantime, if you have questions or need ... Read more

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