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Auto Index updated for Publisher

TTG CE2 Auto Index 5.3.0 is now available for download. This release updates the auto index so that it can be used to create index templates for TTG CE2 Publisher, allowing you to create and organize galleries into indexed groups from with Lightroom’s Publish Services. How this works is pretty simple. 1. Create and export ... Read more

Typewritten CE2 Theme

I’ve had several requests for a template theme pack based on my site design for the CampagnaPictures.com demonstration site, built alongside the Advanced Website Creation tutorials. Well, here it is … Typewritten is a high-contrast, black & white theme designed to look like paper from a typewriter. It’s minimalist and makes heavy use of Courier-based ... Read more

CE2 Product Updates for 2012-03-28

Another round of updates for all CE2 web engines. For all engines, the masthead bug fix in the previous updates revealed a secondary bug that’s existed for quite some time, related to positioning the masthead within the navigation block. This update fixes that bug. For all engines incorporating the mobile gallery — Highslide, Horizon, Photoswipe ... Read more

Critical updates for CE2

Updates are now available for all CE2 engines. The past week has been fairly tumultuous, and this unfortunately had an impact on the last round of updates, in which a show-stopping bug relating to the Facebook Open Graph Protocol managed to slip through the cracks. These updates remedy that problem, as well as making a ... Read more

Product updates for 2012-03-23

I tweeted some days ago that big updates were in the pipe, and that pipe spouts here. The list of updates is long, so I’ll discuss some of the general updates, then provide an alphabetic product breakdown with additional discussion where necessary. In general, what I’ve got are some core updates and changes to CE2 ... Read more

CE2 Product Updates for 2012-01-30

Owing to technical difficulties, I’m a day late blogging changes for a round of updates that went live yesterday. Relatively minor changes, but nonetheless important. None of these updates should impact published content; the updates are purely for installed web engines, so there is no need to re-export existing pages or galleries for these updates. ... Read more

Everything you ever wanted to know about the auto index

The auto index was one of our earliest creations, and remains one of our most innovative and unique offerings. It responds to the Web module’s most blatant shortcoming, and it’s frakkin’ magical. As with all things magical, though, it is often met with confusion. Our documentation clearly outlines its capabilities, but reads somewhat technical, so ... Read more

CE2 Product Updates for 2012-01-18

Another round of updates today for CE2 products. TTG CE2 Cart now works with LR4, and we’ve squashed a few bugs regarding the recently added tax options. And TTG CE2 Pages now supports social media icons on the Contact page. See the full run of changes below. TTG CE2 Auto Index v5.1.1 In ‘Iconic, Entitled’ ... Read more

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