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CE3 Updates for Improved Cart Support

TTG CE3 Cart 2.0.4 is now available for download. This release includes two feature updates, and several smaller fixes and improvements. Corresponding updates are also available for CE3 Auto Index, Gallery, Pages and Stage. The new cart features are: Support for write-in purchase buttons: This allows you to add code to the block in Auto ... Read more

Fotomoto returns to CE3 Gallery + General Updates

A lot of little things add up to a fairly large set of updates! The big one, though: FOTOMOTO IS BACK!! Fotomoto has been acquired by Bay Photo, and I have this week received word from Bay Photo CEO Larry Abitbol that the service is back up and running at fully operational status. Meanwhile, former ... Read more

CE3 bug fix update

A round of incremental updates today. A critical bug slipped into CE3 Gallery with yesterday’s release: specific configurations used with CE3 Standard layout and publisher templates could result to errors thrown and failed gallery rendering. Now fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Share icons now display properly on CE3 Pages’ “About” page. Additionally, the plugin ... Read more

CE3 Updates: Gettin’ Social

Thursday afternoon, local Korea time. Just past the halfway point, and already it’s been a very hard week. I’m hoping to see the week out on a high note, though, with these CE3 updates packing in new social features. Then next week I’m off to Bangkok for a change of scenery. The following updates are ... Read more

Update: CE3 Stage 5.0.1

I officially launched TTG CE3 Stage last week. That launches seems to have been a success; feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, early adoption has exceeded my expectations, and we’ve been having some good conversation about the plugin in the forum. Following up on some of this conversation comes the 5.0.1 update. ... Read more

TTG CE3 Stage 5.0.0 available now

When I posted a few hours ago that the release of TTG CE3 Stage was imminent, I really meant it. You can get it now. I’ve even packed in a few hitherto unannounced surprises. I’ve just penned a whopping new edition of the newsletter that covers the release in great detail, so rather than doppelgänger ... Read more

CE3 Stage Beta R2 available

A second beta for TTG CE3 Stage is now available! We’re calling it Beta R2. Lots of fixes all over, some new sliders and switches here and there, and I’ve added support for Before & After image comparison. Also, Publisher support for Before & After image comparison! Also also, Before & After image comparison is ... Read more

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